Knit Hat Pattern #2168

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Knit Hat Pattern #2168

These directions are for small size (21 inches).
Changes for medium size (22 inches) and large size (23 inches) are in parentheses.

BERNAT OPAL TWEED (2 oz. balls) — 2
BERNAT MOHAIR PLUS (1½ oz. balls) — 2
1 pair BERNAT-Aero straight knitting needles No. 10 (Canadian Needles No. 4)
1 BERNAT-Aero crochet hook Size G (Canadian Wool Crochet Hook No. 9)
½ yd. Pellon for lining

GAUGE: 7 sts = 2 inches

NOTE 1: Entire hat is worked in stockinette st. Use Purl side for right side.

NOTE 2: Use 1 strand of each yarn throughout.

Make 2 pieces. Using 1 strand of each yarn and starting at lower edge, cast on 34 (36-38) sts. Work in stockinette st for 3½ (4-4) inches. SHAPE TOP: On the next row dec 1 st each end of needle and repeat this dec every other row 4 (5-5) times more. At the beg of each of the next 6 rows bind off 2 sts. Bind off remaining 12 (12-14) sts.

BAND: Using 1 strand of each yarn, cast on 68 (70-72) sts. Work in stockinette st until piece measures 3 inches. Bind off.

FINISHING: Block each shaped piece to measure 10½ (11-11½) inches at cast on edge (lower). Cut pellon double same shape as blocked pieces. Sew pellon to wrong (K side) of shaped pieces, tacking with long stitches. Seam shaped edges of hat. With PURL side facing you, work 1 row s c on one long edge of band. Block band to measure 21 (22-23) inches. Cut a piece of pellon 21 (22-23) inches long and 3 inches wide. Sew pellon to wrong (K side) of band and tack with long stitches. Steam band. Pin band in place with s c at upper edge. Work 1 row s c through double thickness of hat and band. Steam.