Knit Hat Pattern #2174

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Knit Hat Pattern #2174

BERNAT SCANDIA (2 oz. skeins) — 4 Main Color (M C)
BERNAT BLARNEY-SPUN (2 oz. balls) — 1 Contrasting Color (C C)
1 pair each BERNAT-Aero straight knitting needles Nos. 13 and 8
(Canadian Needles Nos. 00 and 6)
1 BERNAT-Aero crochet hook Size A (Canadian Wool Crochet Hook No. 15)

GAUGE: 3 sts = 1 inch; 3 rows = 1 inch


Row 1: K 1, * skip next st, K in BACK of next st, K skipped st, repeat from *, ending K 1.

Row 2: P 2, * skip next st, P next st, P skipped st, repeat from *, ending P 2.

Repeat these 2 rows for pattern stitch.

CUFF: Using larger needles and M C, cast on 80 sts. Work even in pattern st for 6 rows, ending with Row 2. Break off M C. Join C C and using smaller needles, P the next row to form hemline and continue in reverse stockinette st for 1 inch, ending with a P row. Break off C C. Using M C and larger needles, work even in pattern st until piece measures 6 inches above last C C row, ending with Row 2. FIRST DEC ROW: K 1, skip 1 st, K next 2 sts tog through BACK LOOPS, K skipped st (1 st dec). * Work in pattern st for 8 sts, dec 1 st, repeat from * to last 8 sts, K 2 tog — 8 sts dec. Row 2 and all even rows: Repeat Row 2 of pattern st. 2ND DEC ROW: K 1, dec 1 st, * work 6 sts, dec 1 st, repeat from * 6 times more, work in pattern to end of row — 8 sts dec. Continue in this manner to dec 8 sts every other row until 8 sts remain. Work even in pattern st on 8 sts for 3 inches. Break off yarn, leaving an 8 inch end.

FINISHING: Pull end through remaining sts and draw up tightly. Sew back seam. Make a pompon of M C and sew to end of cap. Using C C, work 3 rounds s c on cuff. Fasten off. Steam lightly.