Childrens Clothing Patterns

Classic Cardigan Pattern | Sizes 1 to 2 Yr. and 2 to 3 Yr.

Classic Cardigan Pattern

Sizes 1 to 2 Yr. and 2 to 3 Yr.

4 1-oz. Skeins 3-ply Fingering Yarn
1 Pr. Size 2 Standard Knitting Needles
1 Pr. Size 4 Standard Knitting Needles

GAUGE: 7 sts to 1 in.

Boy's Sleeveless Pullover Pattern | Sizes 2, 4, 6

Boy's Sleeveless Pullover Pattern

The original pullover as shown was knitted with P & B Superior Double Knitting, Patonised and to assure yourself of the same satisfactory results, do be careful to use this wool. You will need: 4 ozs. (4 and 6 yrs.—6 ozs.). Two No. 10 and two No. 8 Queen Bee Knitting Needles. Two Stitch Holders.

Girl's Bulky Pullover Pattern | Sizes 10, 12

Girl's Bulky Pullover Pattern

Our Bulky was designed for use with Beehive Caressa and the original model, as illustrated, was knitted with this wool. So, for the same satisfactory results, be careful to use Caressa. You will need: 8 ozs. Main Colour (B) and 4 ozs. Contrasting Colour (A). (both sizes). Two No. 5 and two No. 1 Beehive Knitting Needles.

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