Romper No. 2135 Pattern

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Romper No. 2135 Pattern

SIZES—1 (2).

NOTE—Underline or circle the num­bers applying to the size desired. The first number in each group is for size 1, the second for size 2.

MATERIALS—SPINNERIN HEAVEN SPUN 4 (4) balls; 1 pair Knit­ting Needles No. 1; 1 pair Knitting Nee­dles No. 3; 1 steel Crochet Hook No. 4; 13 small pearl buttons.

MEASUREMENTS—Chest 20 (21) inches; crotch to underarm 13 (13½) inches, sleeve to underarm 7 (8) inches.

GAUGE—8½ sts. = 1 inch. 12 rows = 1 inch. Accurate gauge is essential.

PATTERN—Stockinette St. (knit 1 row, purl 1 row). Note—Purl side of work is right side of garment. Work Yoke in pattern as described in body of  directions.

BACK—Work back in same manner as back of Romper No. 2088 Pattern until work measures 9½ (9¾) inches from start. Work beading as follows on a knit row: K2, *YO, K2 tog., K2, repeat from * to end of row. Work even until back measures 13 (13½) inches from start. For Size 1 Only: Dec. 1 st. each end of needle on last row before starting pattern to make 84 sts. on needle. Work yoke in Rosebud pattern as follows: Row 1—(Right Side) Purl. Row 2—Knit. Row 3—P2, *YO, K1, YO, P5, repeat from * across row, ending P3, instead of P5. Row 4—K3, *P3, K5, repeat from * across row, ending K2, instead of K5. Row 5—P2, *K3, P5, repeat from * across row, ending P3. Row 6—K3, *P3, tog., K5, re­peat from * across row, ending K2. Row 7—Purl. Row 8—Knit. Row 9—*P5, YO, K1, YO, repeat from * across row, ending P6. Row 10—K6, *P3, K5, repeat from * across row. Row 11—*P5, K3, repeat from * across row, ending P6. Row 12—K6, *P3 tog., K5, repeat from * across row. Repeat these 12 rows for 3½ (3¾) inches. Bind off loosely.

FRONT—Work front in same manner as back until work measures 3 (3¼) inches straight up from start of yoke pat­tern. Work in pattern for 28 (31) sts., and place on holder. Bind off center 28 sts. On remaining 28 (31) sts. work back and forth in pattern, dec. 1 st. at neck edge every other row 3 times. Work even until work measures 3½ (3¾) inches straight up from start of yoke. Bind off loosely. Work other shoulder to cor­respond, reversing shaping.

SLEEVES—Work sleeves in same manner as those for Romper No. 2088 Pattern, keeping in mind that the purl side is right side of work.

FINISHING—Work crocheting around neck and crotch piece in same manner as on Romper No. 2088 Pattern. Sew buttons in place.