Soaker No. 2175 Pattern

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Soaker No. 2175 Pattern


MATERIALS—SPINNERIN PILGRIM 2 skeins, 1 pair Knitting Nee­dles No. 3, 1 pair Knitting Needles No. 5.

GAUGE—6 sts. = 1 inch. 12 rows = l inch. Accurate gauge is essential.

PATTERN—Garter Stitch (knit every row). Waist Band—ribbing of K2, P2.

Using No. 3 needles, cast on 128 sts. Work in ribbing of K2, P2 for 4 rows. Then * K2, YO, P2 tog., repeat from * across row. Then work in ribbing of K2, P2 for 4 rows more. Change to No. 5 needles and work in garter st. as follows: *Row 1—Knit. Row 2—Knit. Row 3—K2, K2 tog., K to within 4 sts. of end of row, K2 tog., K2. Repeat from * until 4 sts. remain on needle. Bind off.

NOTE—These soakers may be made in a smaller size by working as follows: After changing to No. 5 needles, K2, K2 tog., K to end of row. Repeat this row un­til 4 sts. remain. Bind off.

FINISHING—Sew ends of ribbing to­gether at center front. Fold soakers so that point comes at bottom of ribbing at center front. Sew side seams, leaving a 3 inch opening for each leg. Make a twisted cord and draw through beading at waist. Sew a tassel to each end of tie.