Lassie Outfit Pattern | Sizes 3 (4)

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Lassie Outfit Pattern

SIZES 3 (4).

NOTE—Underline or circle the num­bers applying to the size desired. The first number in each group is for size 3, the second for size 4.

MATERIALS—SPINNERIN SOFTA 6 balls main color and 5 balls contrasting color for each outfit; 1 pair Knitting Needles No. 2; 1 pair Knitting Needles No. 4; 2 buttons for each shoulder opening.

PATTERNPants and Skirt—Stock­inette St. (knit 1 row, purl 1 row). Pullovers—Stockinette St. and Garter St. (knit every row).

GAUGE—6½ sts. = 1 inch. 9 rows = 1 inch. Accurate gauge is essential.

Lassie, 2-Pc. Dress No. 2094-G

MEASUREMENTS—Chest 22 (23) inches, blouse to underarm 8 (8½) inches, sleeve seam 10 (11) inches. Skirt—Waist 22 (23) inches, length 9½ (10½) inches.

PULLOVER—Work in same manner as Laddie Outfit Pattern.

SKIRT—Using No. 4 needles and main color, cast on 110 (115) sts. Work even in stockinette st. for 1½ (2) inches. Dec. as follows: *K2 tog., K20 (21), repeat from * to end of row. Dec. in this man­ner every 1½ inches 4 times more, having 1 st. less between each dec. (85 (90) sts.). Work 1½ inches even. Dec. as follows: K5, *K2 tog., K4, repeat from * across row, ending K6 (5), (72 (76) sts.). Change to No. 2 needles and work in rib­bing of K1, P1 for 1 inch. Bind off loosely. Make another piece in same manner.

STRAPS—Work in same manner as Laddie Outfit Pattern.

FINISHING—Sew side seams. Work 2 rows of S. C. around bottom of skirt. Sew straps in place on top of waist ribbing.

CAP—Make 4 sections as in Boy's Cap. Work 2 rows of S. C. around bottom of cap, being careful not to draw work in. Draw top tog. and sew pom pom over shirring.