Infants Mittens Pattern #5601

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Infants Mittens Pattern #5601

Size 6 Months to 1 yr.

1 Pr. Standard No. 3 Needles
Jack Frost Baby Yarn 3 Fold—1 1-oz. Ball

RIGHT MITTEN: Cast on 36 sts. Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1, for 15 rows. Work beading on next row as follows: * K 1, Y O, K 2 tog.; repeat from * across row. Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1, for 2 rows, then work in pattern as follows: Row 1—(right side) knit. Row 2—* K 1, P 2; repeat from * across row. Repeat above 2 rows until piece measures 2½ in. from ribbing. Decrease tip of mitten as fol­lows: Row 1—* K 2 tog., K 1; repeat from * across row. Row 2—P 2 tog. across row. Row 3—K 2 tog. across row. Draw remaining sts tog. and fasten off. Sew side seam. Draw ribbon through bead­ing as illustrated.
LEFT MITTEN: Work as given for right mitten.