School Pillow Pattern #38

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School Pillow Pattern #38

Materials: Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted, 2 skeins (1¼ oz. skeins) each of 2 contrasting colors.
Milward's Phantom Knitting Pins, 1 pair No. 4 (3½ mm. size).
A pillow 10 inches square.

The pillow-top, 10 inches square, is made of individual blocks, and then sewed together on wrong side.

1st Block. Starting at one end, cast on 24 sts and work in garter st (k each row) until a square is made. Bind off. Make 4 more blocks in same way.

2nd Block. With 2nd color, cast on 24 sts. 1st row: K across. 2nd row: P across. Repeat these 2 rows alternately until a square is made. Bind off. Make 3 more blocks in same way.

Place blocks as in illustration and sew together with over-and-over sts on wrong side of work. This completes one side of Pillow. Make other side in the same way. Place these 2 pieces back to back, and sew together on 3 sides. Then insert pillow and sew remaining edges together.