Gloves Pattern #345

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Gloves Pattern #345

Medium Size

Materials: Chadwick's Red Heart Shetland Floss, 2 balls (1 oz. balls).
A set of double-pointed steel needles No. 11.

Gauge: 8 sts make 1 inch; 10 rows make 1 inch.

Right Hand. Starting at cuff, cast on 56 sts on 3 needles. Join, being careful not to twist sts, and work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for 3 inches. Then work as follows: 1st rnd: * K 1, p 1. Repeat from * around. 2nd rnd: * P 1, k 1. Repeat from * around. These 2 rnds constitute the pattern. 3rd rnd: Work in pattern around to within last 3 sts; then inc. 1 st in each of next 2 sts, p 1 (58 sts). 4th rnd: Repeat 2nd rnd, but working to within last 5 sts, p 1 and mark this p st with a colored thread, and continue in pattern across, ending with p 1; mark this p st with another colored thread. These 2 marked sts are to be kept in p sts until the increases have been made for thumb. Hereafter work in pattern, increasing 1 st at inner edge of each colored thread on every 4th rnd until there are 9 sts in all between the p ribs. Hereafter work in pattern, but increasing between the p ribs in every other rnd (instead of every 4th rnd), and making 2 additional sts between the increases on each increase rnd (thus increasing for thumb) until there are 21 sts between the p ribs. On next rnd work in pattern around to within the 21 sts of thumb; then transfer these 21 sts onto a safety pin (to be worked later for thumb), cast on 6 sts and complete rnd (61 sts in rnd). Hereafter work in pattern until glove, when tried on, reaches to the base of your finger. Put glove on, and mark fingers by putting safety pin on palm and back of hand between each finger, having 17 sts for Forefinger, 16 sts for Middle Finger, 15 sts for Ring Finger, and 13 sts for Little Finger. Place all sts (except sts for Forefinger) on stitch holder.

Forefinger. Place these 17 sts on 3 needles. Attach yarn to sts on back side and work in stockinette st (k each rnd) around, casting on 4 sts where pin is (between Forefinger and Middle Finger, for stretch between fingers). Work in rnds straight until glove, when tried on, reaches ½ inch from fingertip. Then * k 3, k 2 tog., repeat from * around. Work 1 rnd straight. Now ** k 1, k 2 tog., repeat from ** until 6 sts remain. Then k 2 tog. until all sts are worked off. Break off, leaving a thread about 4 inches long to fasten on wrong side.

Middle Finger. Attach yarn to sts of Middle Finger (on back side), k across, then pick up 3 sts of Forefinger, k across palm side, cast on 3 sts. Continue as for Forefinger.

Ring Finger. Work as for Middle Finger.

Little Finger. Work as for Forefinger.

Thumb. Transfer the 21 sts of thumb onto 2 needles, pick up 5 sts with 3rd needle around opening of thumb, and continue to work as for fingers, decreasing on underside of thumb if necessary.

Left Hand. Work to correspond with Right Hand.