Men's Sweaters | Book No. 99 | The Spool Cotton Company

Men's Sweaters | Book No. 99 | The Spool Cotton Company

Men's Sweaters
Book No. 99
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1937

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Patterns Included: 
Par Vest, Ascot Pullover, Ranger Cardigan, Timberline Cardigan, Trophy Pullover, Wimbledon Pullover, Davis Cup Vest, Windsor Vest, Berkeley Cardigan, Lake Placid Cardigan, Campus Pullover, Archer Polo Shirt, two Scarves, two Gloves.


Instructions for garments give a gauge or the number of stitches per inch. Therefore, always make a small sample about 2" x 3" using the thread and hook or needle specified and see that your gauge corresponds to that specified. If not, then determine if you work more loosely or tightly and use a finer or larger needle or hook.


If your measurements vary from the standard sizes to a great extent, add the additional number of stitches and rows so that the completed garment is your specific size in inches. Try garment against yourself occasionally to be sure that you are keeping in with measurements.


Care should be taken in cleaning or laundering any articles made of woolen yarns because they have a tendency to shrink or stretch due to the type of stitch or materials used. Many persons prefer to have woolen articles dry cleaned and, if you are in doubt, this is advisable.

Before cleaning or laundering, measure your gar­ment carefully and make such notations on your measurement chart. It is advisable to remove all detachable trimmings. Use a good neutral soap or soap flakes and make suds in warm water. Wash by squeezing the suds through the article. Do not rub. Handle very carefully and be sure to keep the article supported in your hands. It is well to repeat the process in new suds. Then rinse two or three times in clear, lukewarm water. Squeeze out the excess water with the hands and then roll the garment in Turkish towels to absorb the extra moisture.

Lay the garment out carefully and pull into shape according to the measurements taken previously. Pin with rust proof pins to hold the outline desired. Do not stretch out any ribbing. Allow to remain until thoroughly dry. Never hang up, and do not place directly in the sun or on the radiator. If any pin marks or unevenness remain after drying, these can be pressed out with the iron.


Before the pieces of the garment are sewed together, block them separately. Lay the pieces carefully on a flat surface and pin to correct size and shaping along the edges with rust proof pins. Place a damp cloth over the garment and press lightly allowing the steam to penetrate the knitted piece. Remove the cloth and allow the garment to remain until perfectly dry.


Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the garment you wish to make as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in color in different dye lots.