Helmet Pattern #3732

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Helmet Pattern #3732

1 Pr. M. M. No. 3½ Needles—10 inch
Scale:—6½ sts. to 1 inch

2 Balls

FRONT—Cast on 60 sts., K. plain for 53 rows. On next row decrease by knitting every 4th and 5th st. together across row to 48 sts., then K. 2 sts., P. 2 sts., (ribbing) for 6 inches.

On next row work face opening as follows: Work 10 sts., slip these sts. on a st. holder, bind off next 28 sts. loosely and on remaining 10 sts. work 12 rows, break yarn. Join yarn and work the 10 sts. from st. holder and work 11 more rows, cast on 28 sts. over those bound off, join to 10 sts. at other side and on 48 sts. work 4 inches.

Now decrease for top of helmet as follows: K. 2, K. 2 together, K. 14, K. 2 together, K. 14, K. 2 together, K 12.

Next row P.

On next row K. 2, K. 2 together, K 13, K. 2 together, K. 13, K. 2 together, K. 11. Continue to decrease 3 sts. in this manner every K. row having 1 st. less between decreases until 9 sts. remain, bind off.

Work back the same omitting opening.

Sew back and front together starting at bottom of ribbing, leaving plain knit section open for shoulder.