Childrens Clothing Patterns | Boys | Sizes 2-6

Knitting for children means thinking about the child with every stitch and giving an item that is filled with love, warmth, and positive thoughts.

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All of the children clothing patterns here include awesome outfits for older children that are sure to become favorites: clothes that will be worn, cherished, and saved long after they've been outgrown. There is something for knitters of every skill level in this collection of children clothing patterns.

Boys, Sizes 2-6

Boys 2-Piece Suit Pattern
Jack Be Nimble Outfit pattern
Brooks Type Cardigan pattern
Wee Willie Winkie Cardigan pattern
My Son John Outift pattern
Pat a Cake Pullover pattern
Tommy Tucker Pullover pattern
Bobby Shafto Creeper pattern
Little Boy Blue Outfit pattern
Brother Suit pattern
Suspender Suit pattern
Suspender Suit pattern
Two Piece Suit pattern
Hush a Bye Baby Cardigan pattern
Sport Shirt pattern
Striped Shirt pattern
peter outfit pattern
Bulky Knit Cardigan 923
Bulky Slip On and Matching Hat 929
little men outfit pattern
Boys Cardigan 924
bud outfit pattern
jack be nimble outfit pattern
boys suit pattern
boys sweater 6 to 7 pattern
boy sport shirt pattern
boys slipover pattern
boy's sweater
big boy outfit pattern
boys knitted sweater pattern
boy sport shirt pattern