Childrens Clothing Patterns | Girls | Sizes 2-6

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Knitting for children means thinking about the child with every stitch and giving an item that is filled with love, warmth, and positive thoughts.

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All of the children clothing patterns here include awesome outfits for older children that are sure to become favorites: clothes that will be worn, cherished, and saved long after they've been outgrown. There is something for knitters of every skill level in this collection of children clothing patterns.

Girls, Sizes 2-6

Girls Sweater Pattern
Sally Waters Cardigan pattern
Sister Frock pattern
Peasant Frock pattern
Play Suit pattern
Little Miss Jacket pattern
Cardigan pattern
Mary's Lamb Cardigan pattern
jacket pattern
Party Dress Pattern
Knitted Sweater pattern 584
Toddlers Jacket Sweater 925
Girls Orlon Cardigan 921
goldilocks dress pattern
plain cardigan pattern
little girl blue dress pattern
raglan sleeve coat pattern
bubble blouses pattern
girls double breasted jacket pattern
sweet twosome jumper pattern
fairie dress pattern
minx sweater set pattern
bolero pattern
lassie outfit pattern
little love sweater and beanie pattern
horizontal knit hcilds popover
girls knife pleated skirt pattern
flower trimmed coat and beret pattern
petal yoke cardigan
bolero with drawn cables pattern
pleated skirt pattern
girls sweater with drawn cables pattern
peasant jacket pattern
jumper with sweater pattern
girls knitted sweater pattern
girls cardigan pattern
girls pullover pattern
two piece suit pattern
girls bolero with kimona sleeves
girls sweater pattern
skirt with drawn cables pattern
sis outfit pattern
girl's sweater
girls cardigan pattern
cape and hat pattern
mother and daughter sweaters