Helmet Pattern #156

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Helmet Pattern

Size 4 to 6 years

1 ball Sportyarn (2 oz. ball)
1 set D.P. Knitting needles No. 3 (3¼ mm.)
1 pair S.P. Knitting needles No. 3 (3¼ mm.)

GAUGE: 7 sts. = 1 inch

Cast on 104 sts. with No. 3 sock needles. Join, being careful not to twist sts. Work in ribbing K2, P2, for 4 inch. Change to all K and increase at even intervals in next round 11 sts. With 115 sts. work even for 1 inch. Slip the next 40 sts. to a stitch holder for face opening. Change to No. 3 straight needles and on rem. 75 sts. work back and forth in stock. st. for 5 inch. Now start shaping: K 50 sts., slip 1, K1 and pass the slipped st. over the K st., turn, slip 1, P25, P2 tog., turn, slip 1, K25, slip-K-and pass. Continue this way to decrease until 27 sts. are left over. Change to No. 3 sock needles, K across these 27 sts., pick up and K 32 sts. along one side of face opening, K across the 40 sts. on the holder, pick up and K 33 sts. along other side of face opening, K2, P2 for 1 inch. Bind off K as K and P as P. Steam lightly.