Men's Sleeveless Sweater Pattern #201

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Size 40 - 42
Size 36-38 in parenthesis

7 (6) balls Sock or Fingering Yarn 3 ply (1 oz. ball)
1 pair knitting needles each No. 2 and No. 4
1 set sock needles No. 2
1 stitch holder

GAUGE: 6½ sts. = 1 inch

PATTERN: Stock. st. for entire sweater.

BACK: Cast on 126 (120) sts. with No. 2 needles in work in ribbing K1, P1 for 3 inch. Change to No. 4 needles and stock. st., increasing 8 (6) sts. at even intervals across first row. With 134 (126) sts. work even until the entire piece measures 13 (12½) inch, or any desired length to under­arm. Bind off for armhole at the beg. of the next 2 rows 12 sts., at the beg. of the next 4 rows 2 sts., decr. 1 st. at the beg. and at the end of every K row until 94 (90) sts. are left. Work even for 9¾ (9½) inch, from the first binding off. Bind off for shoulders at the beg. of the next 4 (6) rows 13 (8) sts., rem. 42 sts. bind off for neck.

FRONT: Work the same way as back until armhole is bound off. Work over 47 (45) sts. only, and slip rem. 47 (45) sts. on a holder to be worked later. For V neck decr. 1 st. at center edge every K row until 26 (24) sts. are left over. Work as high as back and bind off at armhole edge 13 (8) sts. twice (3 times). Fasten off. Connect yarn to other side of V neck and work this side to cor­respond.

FINISHING: Sew up shoulder seams. Neck: With No. 2 sock needles right side facing you, pick up 159 (151) sts. Put marker in center st. at V neck and work in ribbing K1, P1 for 7 rows, keeping the center as K st. and decr. 1 st. before and after the center st. every other row. Bind off loosely K as K and P as P. Armband: With No. 2 needles right side facing you, pick up 140 (132) sts., starting at underarm. Work in ribbing K1, P1 for 7 rows. Bind off loosely K as K and P as P. Work the other armband to correspond. sew side yearns. Steam lightly.

Other great patterns from Classic Fashions in Wool, Book No. 55.

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