Cable Gloves Pattern #4011

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Cable Gloves Pattern

Size 9½
1 Set Double Pointed Steel Needles No. 13
Scale : 7 sts. to 1 in.
Jack Frost Sport Yarn—2 2-oz. Balls

RIGHT HAND GLOVE: Cast on 60 sts., divide on 3 needles. Join, being careful not to twist. Work in ribbing of P. 3, K. 3, for 3 in. Work in pattern as follows:
1st Round—K. 32, P. 1, K. 6, P. 1, K. 3, P. 1, K. 6, P. 1, K. 6, place marker in each of next 2 sts., increase 1 st. in last of these 2 sts., work a full round even. On 3rd round, work to within last 4 sts., increase 1 st., K. 1, increase 1 st., K. 1. On next round K. 32, P. 1, slip the next 3 sts. on double pointed needle, hold in back of work, K. the next 3 sts., then K. the 3 sts. from double pointed needle, P. 1, K. 3, P. 1, slip next 3 sts., hold in back of work. K. next 3 sts., then K. 3 sts. from double pointed needle, P 1. Repeat cables every 6th row. In­crease between markers for thumb gusset, every 3rd row, until 21 sts. are between increases; slip 23 sts. (thumb gus­set) on strand of yarn. Cast on 3 sts., and work around until 9th cable has been completed.

FINGERS AND THUMB: Work same as sport gloves.

LEFT GLOVE: Work to correspond to right hand glove, starting pattern K. 6, and ending K. 32, before placing markers.