Cable Sport Socks Pattern #4016

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Cable Sport Socks Pattern

Size 11 to 12
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles—14 in.
1 Double Pointed Needle
Scale: 7½ sts. to 1 in.
Jack Frost Sport Yarn—2 2-oz. Balls

With No. 2 Needles, cast on 68 sts. Work in ribbing of P. 2, K. 2, for 3 in. P. 1 row increasing to 70 sts., across row. Work in pattern as follows:
Row 1—K. 4, * P. 1, K. 4, P. 1, K. 8, repeat from *, ending K. 4.
Row 2—P. 4, * K. 1, P. 4, K. 1, P. 8, repeat from *, ending P. 4.
Repeat above 2 rows working a cable twist over the ribs of K. 4 on the 7th row and every 8th row thereafter, as follows: K. 4, * P. 1, slip the next 2 sts. onto double pointed needle, hold in back of work. K. the next 2 sts., then bring the 2 sts. which were slipped, forward, and K. them. P. 1, K. 8, repeat from * ending K. 4. Repeat cables until piece measures 7 in. from ribbing. Work over 52 sts., slip the last 18 sts. to st.-holder. Turn, work over 34 sts., slip last 18 sts. to st.-holder, then work in pattern until 11 cable rows have been com­pleted.

TOERow 1—K. 2, K. 2 tog., in back of sts., K. to within last 4 sts., K. 2 tog. in front of sts., K. 2. Purl back. Repeat last 2 rows until 9 sts. are left. Slip to st.-holder.

HEEL—Fold so both ends will meet at center of heel. Slip 36 sts. from st.-holders to needle. On right side, * slip 1 st., (as if to K.), K. 1, repeat from * across, turn. Slip 1 st. Purl across. Repeat above 2 rows for 2 in., then work as follows:
Row 1—Slip 1 st., K. to within last 16 sts., K. 2 tog. in back of sts., turn.
Row 2—Slip 1 st., purl to last 16 sts., P. 2 tog., turn. Repeat above 2 rows, taking 2 more sts. from each side until all sts. have been used. (18 sts. remain). Pick up 14 sts. on each side of heel, then work as follows:
Row 1—K. 2, K. 2 tog. in back of sts., K. to within last 4 sts., K. 2 tog., K. 2. Purl back. Repeat above 2 rows until 36 sts. remain. Work even until piece corresponds to last cable on upper half. Decrease as given for toe. Bind off or weave sts. tog. Sew the back and side seams together.