Beanie Pattern

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Beanie Pattern

Our neat fitting little beanie with its jaunty pom-pom was knitted to match the Boy's Blazer & Pants Pattern. We used P & B Superior Double Knitting, Patonised. By being careful to use this wool, you can be sure of the same satisfactory results with these instructions. You will need: Approx. 1 oz. Main Colour (B) and small quantity of Contrasting Colour (A). (both sizes). Two No. 9 and two No. 8 Queen Bee Knitting Needles.

HEAD SIZE: 20 to 20¾ ins.
Tension: 5 sts. = 1 inch and 15 rows = 2 ins. with No. 8 needles and the wool given above.

Beginning at top of crown with (B) wool and No. 8 needles cast on 8 sts. for both sizes.
1st row: Inc. 1. st. in each of the 8 sts. (16 sts. on needle).
2nd row: Purl each st. in row.
3rd row: *Inc. 1. st. K1. Repeat from * to end of row. (24 sts. on needle).
4th row: Purl each st. in row.
5th row: *Inc. 1. st. K2. Repeat from * to end of row. (32 sts. on needle).
Continue increasing 8 sts. in row in this manner, that is having 1. st. extra between the increased sts. every alternate row to 88 sts. on needle, ending with knit row. (both sizes).
Beginning with purl row, work 17 rows even (4 yrs.—19 rows) in Stocking st. ending with purl row.
Break (B). Join (A). Change to No. 9 needles.
Next row: (K2tog. K9) 8 times. (80 sts. on needle).
Knit 4 rows Garter st. Cast off. Sew back seam. With (A) wool make a small pom-pom and sew to top. For making pom-pom, see patternbook page.